Elisa Rönkä

Business Development Innovation Manager / Head of Smart Office Europe, Siemens

Elisa Rönkä is Business Development Innovation Manager at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. With her passion for service design and user experience, she fosters the transformation of building technology towards a people-centric and value adding instrument for all stakeholders. Elisa focuses on integrating and humanizing PropTech opportunities into holistic solutions, while keeping a close eye on the emergence and adoption of new technologies to enhance the user experience in a digital workplace.

Elisa is a seasoned speaker and has previously spoken at for example:
- Nordic Smart Building Convention, Helsinki, June 2018
Title: Human-centricity and IoT in buildings – is there room for both?
- WorkTech, Munich, July 2019
Title: Buildings as active contributors to business success (https://www.worktechacademy.com/author/elisa-ronka/)
- IoT World Congress, Barcelona, October 2019
Title: Upgrading Historic And Iconic Buildings And Infrastructure To The Technology Of Today, While Planning For The World Of Tomorrow (https://iot.eetimes.com/property-technology-proptech-adoption-is-rising-with-iot-and-digital-twins/)
- Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, November 2019
Title: IoT enabling new urban management models
- WorkTech, London, November 2019
Title: Buildings as active contributors to business success: Case study - Barings