Eelco Voogd

VD, Work & People Analytics

Eelco Voogd, CEO of Work & People Analytics has worked as business consultant for 10 years before founding the company that is has become WPA (Work & People Analytics). Together with his co-founder Ilya Devèrs he has always questioned how people work and achieve their goals professionally. Combining their passion for great user experience design and their love for innovation and technology they have founded a digital platform that listens to workforce needs and turns these into outcomes that help make decisions that improve the workplace experience. With over 250.000 work profiles in their platform they are now using AI to uncover important patterns for clients like KLM. WPA serves global users like Mc Kinsey, SAP, Barclays and do this with partners like workplace consultants, architects and change agents. Their vision on the future is that data will provide smarter outcomes, make some roles in our industry obsolete and create new jobs that will increase the ambition of the future workplace experience.